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Floor marking tape

floor marking tape is a tape,specially design for marking & delineating areas of the floor or is commonly used in factories,warehouses & other industrial places to improve safety efficency.this tape is made from pvc or vinyl comes in various colours for specific purpose.
  • Floor Marking Tape
  • Floor Marking Tape
  • Floor Marking Tape
Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape

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Packaging TypeRoll
Usage/Applicationmarking,highlighting,safety purpose
Floor marking tape is a type of adhesive tape specifically designed for marking and delineating areas on the floor. It is commonly used in industries, warehouses, factories etc. to improve safety efficiency. The tape is typically made of materials such as vinyl or PVC, which can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist wear and tear.
Floor marking tape comes in various colors, with each color serving a specific purpose. Here are some commonly used color codes:
1. Yellow: Yellow tape is often used to mark aisles, walkways, and paths for pedestrian traffic. It helps to define safe pathways and keeps employees and visitors aware of designated routes.
2. Red: Red tape is commonly used to mark areas that pose potential hazards or areas that require caution. This could include areas with machinery, fire equipment, or dangerous substances.
3. Green: Green tape is often used to indicate safety-related equipment or areas, such as emergency exits, first aid stations, or safety equipment storage.
4. Blue: Blue tape is typically used to designate areas where equipment or materials are stored. It helps in organizing workstations, tools, or supplies and makes it easier to locate them.
5. White: White tape is commonly used for general purposes, such as outlining specific work zones, creating boundaries, or indicating storage areas.
Floor marking tape is designed to be highly visible, with vibrant colors and strong adhesive backing. It is often resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring its longevity even in demanding environments. When applying floor marking tape, it's important to thoroughly clean and dry the surface beforehand to ensure proper adhesion. The tape can be easily applied by hand, without the need for additional tools or equipment. It can also be removed or repositioned without leaving behind residue or damaging the floor surface, depending on the specific type of tape.
Overall, floor marking tape is a versatile and effective solution for enhancing safety, organization, and efficiency in various work environments.

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